Enlightened Leadership

Is an enlightened society possible or is it merely a daydream? Is it truly possible to come out of the conditioning of  mind and behave responsibly in large numbers?

Creating enlightened societies requires enlightened leadership. It is not possible to grow lotuses on desert land. The circumstances must be changed in order that several people see the value in waking up and becoming mindful of their thoughts, emotions and perceptions.

One of the key drivers of behavior is the reward system. What do we reward in today’s society? We have created this myth that each person is unique and special, and sold an illusion to an entire generation of children. We have made it necessary that for one to be valued, one will have to stand out of the crowd.

It is straightforward to see that such views only bolster the false-ego. The false-ego demands that it is accorded a status of superiority. It has a desire to always be right and engages in activities that enhance its image. Encouraging people, right from their childhood, to actively preserve and nurture their self-image only ends up cranking up the false-ego.

As a consequence of overgrown false-egos, there is frequent conflict. An entire generation is raised without being taught what it means to compromise, to listen, to understand, to reconcile, what it means to live in harmony with other people.

It is clear that the society must begin to acknowledge, if not reward, the activities of those who find ways of promoting harmony and understanding in the society. Leadership is the art of enhancing awareness in societies, in families and at the workplace. It is not merely clinging on to power or trying to look superior to others.

Leaders are those who enable their teams or groups to manifest the inner strength and beauty of their souls. Innovation and freshness are possible every moment of our lives if we stop acting out of our conditioned mental patterns at the drop of the hat. It is impossible for any society or organization to grow without its people growing.

Leadership is all about love. One, who cannot love, cannot lead. Realizing one’s capabilities and finding their use in improving the lives of others, one leads out of love. Such leadership is not about exhibiting one’s greatness over others. Leading with love is a form of service, a form of fulfilling the capabilities invested by God in us.

How do we create such leaders in our midst who can transform the way we live today?


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