Born in a Śrīvaiṣṇava household, I grew with an orthodox religious view; disillusionment came soon due to a sense of alienation from truth.  For this, I blame no one but myself.  My own liberation from poorly understood, dogmatic views led to an appreciation of Vaiṣṇava Vedānta that is more meaningful, purposeful and lively. This site is used a portal to speak of this experience. The intended audience is not only those who are persuaded by the Vaiṣṇava approach but to everyone in general. I believe that wearing proudly a Vaiṣṇava membership badge is hardly the purpose of this religious system. To call oneself a Vaiṣṇava with only a sense of affiliation  or fanatic zeal would be to cease being one. I also believe that the Vaiṣṇava experience must make universal and real sense.

It would also be appropriate to clarify that I am not a saint or an enlightened person. The views expressed here are not of a carefully thought out mind that has settled for a monolithic theory, but that of one which is filled with wonder and curiosity. Reading some of my posts, if someone were to ask, “Are you theist, atheist or agnostic; religious or spiritual?”, I would answer, “I am ignorant”. That is the only honest thing I can say about myself.